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Super obesity is the condition where the patient weighs more than double that of his expected weight.

Body mass index (BMI) is calculated from the formula weight in kilograms divided by square of height in metres. Normal BMI is 25 kg per m2.

If this exceeds 45 kg per m2 then, Super Obesity is diagnosed.

For Indians, the measurement is 2.5 kg per m2 less than in the west which is the calculation of BMI.
Super Obesity is more common in India than ever before; that too in early ages.

It can cause disfigurement in young women, can result from fractures of limbs in trivial falls as from two wheelers in the congested Indian roads. It slows down the younger generation and results in apparent lethargy and less activity due to the enormous bulk of carrying twice the weight.

There are  medical disorders associated with morbid obesity (BMI more than 32.5) such as Diabetes mellitus of type 2 variety, high blood pressure, obstructive sleep apnoea, cancer , arthritis, heart ailments, loss of self esteem, sexual disorders, shortened life duration and thyroid disorders.

The corrective treatment of super obesity involves Laparoscopic Obesity Surgery, diet, exercise and life style modification.

          SUPER OBESITY  220 kg Before Surgery

We have carried out laparoscopic bariatric sleeve gastrectomies, Roux en Y gastric bypasses as well as mini gastric bypasses for super obesity.  We choose the  type of surgery after discussion with the patient and the family.


Excellent results of such surgery encouraging prolonged life duration, cure of diabetes & hypertension, improved self esteem and quality of life. There are rewarding to the patients and the surgeon.

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