Sunday, 24 February 2013


Recipe for Grilling with Seer Fish

  • 1 tsp sliced mint          
  • 4 tsp sliced coriander leaves
  • 1 tsp finely sliced garlic
  • 1-2 tsp of  lime juice
  • 4 seer fish large slices,
  • Finely powdered pepper and
  • Salt to taste
  • Half tsp of olive oil


Use any hot grill electrical, charcoal or grill pan. Mix sliced coriander leaves, chopped fresh mint, minced garlic with lime juice. The fish may be painted with a brush of olive oil.

Place the fish with herb on the grill over an     aluminum foil. Heat for a while till fish blanches.   Turn over the fish and verify the other side too. Now the seer fish grill is ready and it may be served with some vegetables.

Serves a group of four.


Grilled fish and grilled meat are useful during weigh reduction program as there meat cooked by grilling has low saturated fat and water.However they are rich in animal proteins.



What is Grilling?
Grilling is the form of popular health cooking in which direct heat is applied to the food – as dry heat. This heat may be applied from below or from above.

What are the methods of grilling?

Regarding the heat, it may be from electrical source (electric grill), or charcoal or a grill pan over cooking gas.

Direct heating can increase temperature of the food to 250 deg C.

What is the advantage of grilling meat, fish?

Grilling by applying the dry heat to the meat and fish, lets the oil and the water content out. So the resultant grilled food is rich in proteins and no significant saturated fat. 

The grilled meat is a rich source of high animal protein. 

It is useful for weight reduction program not only for shedding excess fat , but also during the phase of building muscles after the initial loss of weight.

What are the possible disadvantages of grilling?

If food like is heated directly to very high temperatures, carcinogens (like benzopyrenes, hetercyclic amines) can be produced.

How do you prevent the carcinogen production?

·      The formation of the carcinogens is reduced by the use of marination.

·      Use of garlic, mint, olive oil, cherries can result in reduced formation of carcinogens. Microwave grilling also has lowered carcinogens in food.

·      Tea results in neutralizing the toxins in stomach and can help to avoid carcinogens.


Grilling is healthier food compared to frying as grilling results in the loss of oil and fat and juice from the meat, thus resulting in low fat, high protein diet.

Grilled food results in lowered saturated fats in food and hence is healthy.